The furnishings of the rooms and the exterior fittings provide the maximum possible safety and are regularly cleaned and serviced.

Parents are kindly asked to always close the gates and doors.

At no time are the children in the garden, in the entry hall or the cloakroom without supervision. When using the stairs the children hold on to the railings. While the parents are present, they themselves supervise their children.


Plastic bags are used for wet and dirty laundry. These are, however, always deposited in the baskets in the cloakroom.

Doors and drawers are fitted with stoppers; electric sockets with safety lids. Electronic appliances (apart from cooker, CD-player), detergents and the first aid kit etc. are outside the reach of children.

Parents are asked to refrain from using bows, rubber hair bands or hair clips which could be swallowed by small children.

In and around the MIC premises smoking is completely forbidden.  This applies to parents, visitors, employees, craftsmen visiting/repairing and team members.

The team has to be informed in advance if a child is to be picked up by a third party. Without this prior information no child will be handed over to a person unknown to the team. The team has to know any person picking up a child personally or that person has to show an official document of identification with a prior consent from the parents.

Neither in person nor by telephone will any information on a specific child be given to an unknown person.

Without parental consent neither phone numbers nor addresses will be passed on by the MIC staff. Personal data and information are only known to the administration and the pedagogic management. Other members of the team will be informed as far as this is necessary for their understanding of and their interaction with the child.

Parents will be informed of contagious diseases without naming affected children.

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