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The MIC is open to all children regardless of their social, cultural or religious background. Close cooperation with the parents and meticulous care in dealing with the children are both very important.

The MIC offers full-time day-care solutions. Entry into the MIC is open all year long. New children are usually placed according to their position on the waiting list. The administrative and pedagogical management team of the day-care centre jointly makes the final decision on the allocation of the day-care placements. New children in the MIC go through a settling down trial period during which they reach a full day separation from their parents on a step by step basis. Die MIC meets the quality standard of canton zurich for nutrition and movement.

We kindly ask you to fill in the application form for the waiting list only after the first meeting with the crèche’s management.

Our groups

  • Our Child care

    Sun- and Star Group


    The Montessori Infant Community GmbH (MIC) offers day care facilities in 2 groups of 11 children (caring for aged 5 months to 4 years) according to the principles of the Montessori pedagogy. 3 places are available for very small children up to the age of 18 months or for children with special needs.

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  • Our Kindergarten

    Moon Group


    The MIC Montessori Infant Community GmbH already has a nursery at Seestrasse 133 according to the concept from Dr. Maria Montessori. Due to pedagogical reasons and requests from parents, the MIC would like to use the obligatory kindergarten level to offer support according to Montessori until school is started and therefore give the children the possibility to remain in their familiar surroundings.

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Maria Montessori’s pedagogy is based on the recognition that neither genetically based growth nor verbal instructions alone cause the human mind to develop. Each child has to build the mental structures on his/her own. This happens due to the child’s interactive handling of the things in his/her environment: learning by doing.

Therefore it is important for children to absorb their impressions with all their senses, while being active with their hands. Thus the children build concepts and ideas. They process, order and classify them with their intellect.

This constructive activity promotes a harmonious, psychically healthy development and the best possible stimulation of the child’s intelligence. The child develops unusual abilities of concentration, stamina and joy for his/her activity. The child attains self-confidence, self-discipline and an immense pleasure in discovering things. For this Maria Montessori uses the expression “normalisation”.

In order to stimulate such a development, there has to be an appropriately prepared environment which offers orderliness and structures in space, time, activity and behaviour and follows the principle: “Help me do it by myself.” Incidentally, this is also true for infants and children with special needs who are in need of individual care.

In a child’s first phase of life the foundations are laid for the child’s healthy development. The prepared environment of the MIC Montessori Infant Community allows a stimulating and safe atmosphere, which offers the children security while they make experiences, learn and experiment in social interactions. Children experience themselves and their actions as individuals and in multi-aged and multi-cultured groups. The children can try out various roles and develop their personalities in the interaction with other children and adults. The children experience and discover their own culture and language as well as those of others.

MIC Montessori Infant Community GmbH / Seestrasse 133 / 8002 Zürich / 044 205 94 00 / info@montessori-infants.ch     facebook

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